Blockchain Technology in the Post-Covid-19 world

Recently, the British Blockchain Association (BBA) organized an online summit on Blockchain technology in the post COVID-19 world. The idea was to bring together experts in Blockchain technology, and other experts in more general fields such as health technology, educational technology, E-governance, Remote working etc., to have a range of meaningful dialogues on how the technology and its societal role will be reshaped given that most of the world’s population went through or still going through “stay-at-home”, “work-from-home”, “teach-from-home”, telemedicine consulting with doctors etc. I must congratulate Dr. Naseem Naqvi, the current president of the BBA for conceptualizing such an online summit – given that most experts were stuck at home – and this gave everyone an opportunity to connect to their colleagues worldwide and have a discussion going.

I was part of a panel hosted by Prof. Erik P.M. Vermeulen. The panel had Chrissa McFarlane, and Ian Wong and I as speakers. It was an enlightening discussion and it was an enriching experience one lockdown evening from home. I was on a panel with one person from the Eindhoven, Netherlands, one from California, USA one from Paris, France. I was in my room in Kanpur, India. No travel – no logistics – just connect over “Run the world” video conferencing system and the video/audio was of high quality enough to make the experience as if real face to face panel discussion is taking place.

However, I am not writing this to discuss about the panel as such, nor am I writing a narrative on the pros and cons of online conferences. I wanted to write about my talk at the panel – with the hope that the opinions and views I formulated on the topic before the panel took place – might be interesting to more people – especially those interested in the blockchain technology and its applications.