National Blockchain Project

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Our Mission

This project has been funded by the National Security Council Secretariat to develop e-governance solutions using blockchain technology.

Feasibility study and report.

A three-month feasibility study to decide the blockchain technology to use, and to outline the research and validation as well as incubation plan. In this phase we identify two e-governance applications that will be used to demonstrate the utility of the blockchain. We decide on the technology or mix of technologies as well as the innovation requirements on top of the existing technologies.

A detailed report is to be produced at the end of 3 months of Phase I to outline the steps to be taken, deliverables, and validation methods of Phase 2 and 3.

Research and Development Phase.

Development of blockchain technology, protocols, formal validation of tamper resistance property, and prototype development. An application on top of the prototype at the campus level will be used as a demonstration vehicle.

Implementation and Incubation Phase.

In Phase 3, the project will be moved into an incubation phase with a technology team to be incubated, particularly for implementation from prototype to production level application development, and working with government entities to demonstrate the use of the developed blockchain.

Execution Company

Company incubated at IIT Kanpur, for phase-III of National Blockchain Project


Hyperledger Fabric
BigChain DB


Secure Healthcare Infrastructure

Preserving patient’s privacy using proxy re-encryption in permissioned blockchain

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Land Records Management

Property registration and
land record management via blockchain

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More Research

Collection of on-going
researches in blockchain
at IIT Kanpur

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We thank National Security Council for funding the project


We thank various institutions for supporting us